13th Hour Gothic and Pagan Store

Welcome to 13th hour!

  • Scarab pendant

    Scarab pendant
  • Red drop choker

    Red drop choker
  • Deviant Moon Tarot

    Deviant Moon Tarot
  • black swirl

    black swirl
  • P666 Natural magic

    P666 Natural magic
  • The New Tarot Handbook

    The New Tarot Handbook
  • tree of life

    tree of life
  • Thor's Hammer1

    Thor's Hammer1
  • Baphomet

  • rose quartz pendulum

    rose quartz pendulum
  • chakra drop

    chakra drop
  • Rainbow Moonstone Drop

    Rainbow Moonstone Drop
  • Rose Quartz Drop

    Rose Quartz Drop
  • P656 Amon Ra

    P656 Amon Ra
  • E309 Kraken

    E309 Kraken
  • Thoth Tarot

    Thoth Tarot
  • Rider Tarot

    Rider Tarot
  • Gods & Titans

    Gods & Titans

13th Hour, Adelaide, Australia, is a gothic store featuring jewellery,books, tarot and pagan supplies. 13th Hour (formerly called Hangup) is over 40 years old and is proudly one of the original new age shops in adelaide.

Now primarily selling online, we do occasionally make guest appearances with our roaming gypsy tent. So keep an eye on our Facebook or Twitter for our upcoming events!



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